No Dummy For Mummy: From Poppy Seed To Parrot

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Here’s a book on parenting like no other.

It’s all about my first years as a mother.

A collection of rhymes to take you all through.

My pregnancy up until my daughter turned two.

It’s an honest account of the good and the bad.

Some parts are funny and others quite sad.

It’s in no way judgemental but I do have a moan.

I hope it helps others see they’re not on their own.


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8 reviews for No Dummy For Mummy: From Poppy Seed To Parrot

  1. Charlie Kitchener

    This book is the most honest and heart warming account of pregnancy through to raising children. It is filled with moments which are relatable, both the positive and the negative. It made me emotional to read another mothers account of having lost themself in motherhood. I laughed out loud reading Sally’s recounts of a ‘pootastrophy’ and ‘can’t do right’ sums up modern parenting perfectly.
    This book is a must for new mums and old mums alike.

  2. Shiri

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book which really pack a punch in terms of taking me through a journey of a new mum, it was so relatable, touching and moving. I love the format, light hearted literary format (rhymes) that discusses all topics from the fun to the difficult. Sally is so eloquent and thoughtful and this really is a unique book that would make a wonderful gift to any mum to be, new mum or a mum going through a difficult time.

  3. Claire

    A friend sent me this book and it was just what I needed! Someone being honest about the good and bad of being a Mum. Every page I read I could relate to something and it felt so helpful to know someone else had the same thoughts I did. I would definately reccommend!

  4. Lisa Callaghan

    I absolutely loved reading this book. The author has written a poem and a commentary for each stage, from finding out you’re pregnant to having a toddler. These poems are hilarious, open, honest and accurate. The author captures each moment perfectly. A must read!

  5. L. Derby

    This is a charming collection of poems about the highs and lows of mummy-hood. Written whilst the author was up in the night feeding – it perfectly captures the thoughts and feelings of new mums! I loved it.

  6. E. Wild

    My friend sent me this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and actually couldn’t put it down, I loved it from cover to cover. It’s an absolute must read for mums and mums to be. It is honest, funny and very real. I loved the insight next to each rhyme of Sally’s life and real time stories and thoughts to what she was going through at the time. I have passed my copy to a friend who is a mum to be. I think it could be very helpful for a new mum to learn that even hard thoughts are all very normal.

  7. L. Forte

    I loved reading this fun light hearted book. The book is written in poems for each stage of pregnancy to having a toddler and gives you a laugh along the way. A beautifully written must read!

  8. Wendy Hinchliffe

    A fantastic book. It would make a great present for anyone who is expecting a baby or has toddlers.

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