Children’s Books

A New View of the Zoo

Jasmine does not seem very enthusiastic when they first arrive at the zoo. However, as the day goes on she becomes more and more fascinated by the animals.

This was my first ever children’s story. It was written and illustrated for my beautiful daughter, Jasmine, after we visited the zoo for the first time.


The Potogold And The Broken Rainbow

Have you heard the real story about the potogold at the end of the rainbow? The potogold is a cute little creature who works hard to make sure every rainbow is perfect.

This book was written on behalf of Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People and illustrated by the sibling group at the hospice. All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to the Rainbows charity.


Harry’s First Holiday

Harry has been on his first ever holiday with his parents. He had so many new experiences that he can’t wait to tell everyone about them!

I wrote this story as a first birthday present for my close friends little boy. The illustrations are based on a holiday in Dubrovnik.