No Dummy For Mummy

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I first found my rhyme when my eldest daughter was just 10 weeks old. My emotions were all over the place and I couldn’t make head nor tail of them. I started to write things down and found that I actually had quite a flair for writing in rhyming verse. This book is a compilation of all the rhymes I wrote up until my daughter turned two. I continue to document everyday moments with my two daughters so watch this space as there could be a sequel!

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As an added extra, here are a selection of rhymes that didn’t make the cut for the book. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Don’t Put Me In That Dress

I’m really very cross now mummy,

There’s something I must stress,

I know you think me pretty but

Don’t put me in that dress!

I like to roll around and play,

I love to make a mess,

I tell you yet again now mummy,

Don’t put me in that dress!

I’m on my way to walking now,

I toddle to impress,

So there really is no need at all,

To put me in that dress!


Copyright © Sally R. Wilkes February 2017

Itchy Baby, Twitchy Mummy

Mummy I’m so itchy, my legs, my arms, my head,

All I want to do is scratch, my skin is sore and red.

I promise as your mummy I’ll do all that I can do,

To help your skin get better and be there to comfort you.

Mummy I’m so itchy, it’s keeping me awake,

It’s itching all down my back, I’m wriggling like a snake.

I know you’re itching darling, just try and close your eyes,

I’ll hold you close until you sleep and sing you lullabies.

Mummy I’m so itchy, why’s it only me?

My friends are happy playing, they’re all itchy free.

I’m so very sorry darling, why you?…I do not know,

We’ll try another cream tonight and hope it makes it go.

Mummy I’m less itchy, I want to sing and shout,

I’m free to laugh and play, I’m free to roll about!

Your skin is so much better, it almost looks brand new,

It’s so great to see you smile again, you’re back to being you!

Mummy I hate itching, has it gone away for good?

Itching, itching stay away, I really wish it would!

I’m afraid the itching might come back to pay another call,

But we’ll fight it little soldier, you’re the bravest of them all!


Copyright © Sally R. Wilkes March 2017

So Lucky!

Never wake a sleeping baby does not apply tonight,

I just crept into her room to pick her up and hold her tight,

There’s scenes of utter heartbreak and pain beyond belief,

There’s clips of children starving being shown on Comic Relief,

She may not be filthy rich or a famous movie star,

But I hope my girl will grow to know how lucky that we are,

Food to fill her tummy, a warm bed for her to sleep,

Free education and toys for her to keep,

We all should try do our best to help those who are in need,

No child should go hungry or be refused the right to read!


Copyright © Sally R. Wilkes March 2017

A Whole Year Old!

You’re one already! How can this be?

Just two minutes since you were passed to me.

Those big brown eyes that said hello.

I held you close, could not let go.

Three weeks old, your sheer grit shone through.

There really was no stopping you.

Laid on your front, you held your head up high.

You couldn’t miss a chance to pry.

Five weeks old, you made my heart skip a beat.

Your first ever smile, so innocent and sweet.

I spent the rest of the day acting plain cuckoo.

I was desperate to see another smile from you.

Two months old, we read your first bedtime story.

But daddy would like to take all of the glory.

He put on the voices whilst I read the text.

Your face so excited to see what came next.

Three months and time to watch rugby with dad.

SA versus England, it could have been bad!

Dressed as a Springbok, you wore the whole lot.

So daddy could call you his little mascot.

By four months you could roll from back to front.

But then you got stuck and started to grunt.

It was time for your very first nibble of food.

A finger of toast which was sucked but not chewed.

Five months old and you could sit on your own.

Quite vocal you liked to make yourself known.

But you’re absolute favourite thing to do,

Was bounce like crazy in the jumperoo!

Six months old, you gave a very good sign.

You reached out your hand and tried to shake mine.

This skill of yours caused quite a stir.

Our mini, future entrepreneur.

Month seven brought teeth and with them came pain.

You were crying, then happy, then crying again.

We bought your first shoes, somewhat sooner than planned.

You wouldn’t sit, wouldn’t crawl, you just wanted to stand.

At eight months you were just getting into your grove.

Ed Sheeran would play and you’d showcase a move.

You went and said daddy as your very first word.

I thought I’d be next, but nope, it was bird!

Nine months and you were on your feet.

Usain Bolt was the one to beat.

There was no slow and steady, always top speed!

Determined and driven, you strived to succeed.

At ten months you had a nasty fall,

And decided it was time to crawl.

There was nothing that you couldn’t ransack.

All you heard me shout was “put it back!”

Eleven months, you had more friends than me!

Stopped in the street like a celebrity.

You started to be cheeky, saying no all the time.

You gave a real smirk when you’d committed a crime.

Now you’re already one, it’s beyond belief.

The last year was stolen by an evil time thief.

But I feel so lucky just being your mum.

And I know there’s much more fun to come.

You’re strong and feisty, a real go-getter.

Your sense of humour just gets better and better.

Happy birthday little lady, I hope you have fun.

I’m sure you’ll be spoilt by everyone!


Copyright © Sally R. Wilkes August 2017

The Best That You Can Be

You don't need a castle or a shimmering crown,

You don't need glass slippers or a glittery gown,

You don't need to kiss frogs or take the beast to tea,

You don't need a prince to come and set you free,

Fight for what's right and always stand tall,

Be proud of who you are and be true to all,

Win hearts with kindness, try help those in need,

Don't expect to be rewarded for every good deed,

A princess of the people or a princess just for me,

You don't need a fairy tale to the be the best that you can be.


Copyright © Sally R. Wilkes December 2017


So these tantrums you keep having...what are they about?

You've got such a little temper and wow you can shout!

The gurus say "don't worry it's just another leap."

Well revive me when it's over I've collapsed into a heap!


Copyright © Sally R. Wilkes January 2018


There once was a mum who thought it would be fun

To let her toddler have a go with the icing...

Now there's icing in her hair, on the floor, everywhere

And the wine is looking enticing!


Copyright © Sally R. Wilkes January 2018


There once was a pre-mum who spoke with a free tongue and said

"My child will never eat sweets"

Well that child is now here, screaming in her ear

And she doesn't give a beep what she eats!


Copyright © Sally R. Wilkes January 2018

No, No, No

No…I don’t want to do that.

No…I will not stay sat.’s not time for bed.

No…I don’t care what you said.

No…I don’t want to eat.

No…I’ll run down the street.

No…you can’t brush my hair.

No…I don’t want to share.

No…I will not wear clothes.

No…you can’t wipe my nose.

No…I don’t like those shoes.

No…I won’t let you choose.

No…I don’t like this show.

No…I don’t want to go.

No…you can’t change my bum.

No…just to wind up mum!

13 reviews for No Dummy For Mummy

  1. Charlie Kitchener

    This book is the most honest and heart warming account of pregnancy through to raising children. It is filled with moments which are relatable, both the positive and the negative. It made me emotional to read another mothers account of having lost themself in motherhood. I laughed out loud reading Sally’s recounts of a ‘pootastrophy’ and ‘can’t do right’ sums up modern parenting perfectly.
    This book is a must for new mums and old mums alike.

  2. Claire

    A friend sent me this book and it was just what I needed! Someone being honest about the good and bad of being a Mum. Every page I read I could relate to something and it felt so helpful to know someone else had the same thoughts I did. I would definately reccommend!

  3. Lisa Callaghan

    I absolutely loved reading this book. The author has written a poem and a commentary for each stage, from finding out you’re pregnant to having a toddler. These poems are hilarious, open, honest and accurate. The author captures each moment perfectly. A must read!

  4. Wendy Hinchliffe

    A fantastic book. It would make a great present for anyone who is expecting a baby or has toddlers.

  5. Shiri

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book which really pack a punch in terms of taking me through a journey of a new mum, it was so relatable, touching and moving. I love the format, light hearted literary format (rhymes) that discusses all topics from the fun to the difficult. Sally is so eloquent and thoughtful and this really is a unique book that would make a wonderful gift to any mum to be, new mum or a mum going through a difficult time.

  6. E. Wild

    My friend sent me this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and actually couldn’t put it down, I loved it from cover to cover. It’s an absolute must read for mums and mums to be. It is honest, funny and very real. I loved the insight next to each rhyme of Sally’s life and real time stories and thoughts to what she was going through at the time. I have passed my copy to a friend who is a mum to be. I think it could be very helpful for a new mum to learn that even hard thoughts are all very normal.

  7. Anon.

    What a truly amazing read, laughter, tears and support all in one book. Wrote with honesty and belief – this will genuinely help a new mum and get you through those tough times even as an experienced one. Thank you x

  8. Lesley Sloan

    Wonderful informative and humorous read. Wish I’d had this book when I was pregnant – I read many books at that time but none of them came anywhere close to the descriptions of life during pregnancy, life with a new born and life as baby grows into a toddler. Oh the body changes, the exhaustion and so many funny moments as baby grows and develops into a little person. The author Sally Wilkes has done a superb job of putting down on paper her feelings as a new mother and I can highly recommend this read to all those thinking of having a baby and also mothers with young children. It’s brilliant!

  9. L. Derby

    This is a charming collection of poems about the highs and lows of mummy-hood. Written whilst the author was up in the night feeding – it perfectly captures the thoughts and feelings of new mums! I loved it.

  10. Ellie Brogan

    Fabulous! Perfectly depicts Mummy life. Laugh out loud funny at the good the bad and the downright ugly of parenthood. Sally words perfectly depict a rollercoaster of emotions and even though it is a lighthearted book she still gets the hard and overwhelming feelings in there too.
    Definitely a perfect baby shower gift! Lovely lovely read by a talented lady.

  11. L. Forte

    I loved reading this fun light hearted book. The book is written in poems for each stage of pregnancy to having a toddler and gives you a laugh along the way. A beautifully written must read!

  12. Karen McMillan

    This was such a fantastic read! A relatable, funny, candid and comforting selection of poetry that would be a brilliant gift for any new mum to help normalise those feelings that we all have. I thoroughly recommend

  13. Graham Metcalfe

    Having bought this book for my sons partner, I decided to read the first couple of pages before wrapping it for Christmas and found myself hooked. Page after page had me on a roller coaster ride of emotions, the author has given a lovely insight into the ups and downs of early pregnancy, child birth and there after, the tears and laughter are felt all the way through the book, and as a reader you get to understand a little of how much pressure there is in todays parents and I do hope the author continues to allow me to further follow the ups and downs of children and parent growing up.
    I must remember to apologise for the thumb prints when I deliver my Christmas present and I hope that when she reads it she is not freaked out with all the realities of bringing children into the world!

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