ED Versus Me

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Back in 2018, along with her family, her partner and her other friend Ellie, I became a carer for my friend Georgie during her recovery from anorexia. This book tells our story. Not only from Georgie’s perspective but also from Ellie’s and my own as carers. We hope that, by sharing our journey, it will bring comfort to some of the millions of others who are currently affected by an eating disorder.

All proceeds from sales of this book will be donated directly to SEED – an eating disorder support service. The book can be purchased from Amazon through the following link:



3 reviews for ED Versus Me

  1. Fiona

    Firstly I have to tell you Georgie (or Doodoo as I call her) is my daughter, I feel it’s important you should know. This book is very brave, and typical of Doodoo to want to help others. It’s a very honest and open account of what happened when she was ill, the most terrifying period of my (our) lives. We seriously though we might lose her when she spiralled downwards before getting treatment.
    This book isn’t a really long read, it’s easy to pick up and put down to come back to when you have time. We, her friends and family, could have done with something like this to give us an insight to what she was going through. Not “wordy” but straight to the point and hopefully helpful to both sufferers of an eating disorder, and their family and friends.

  2. Christine Simm

    The honesty of the writer really helps to understand the mind set of an anorexic. How there being two sides (ED spreading lies and poison and Georgie the individual) can become merged within the disorder and to come out the other side need to be separated.
    Really inspiring and thought provoking, thoroughly recommend this book to anyone suffering with an Eating Disorder, unsure if they have an eating disorder, or anyone wanting to understand how it feels to have an eating disorder.

  3. Amy Louise Cowan

    This book is incredible. I’m lucky enough to call Georgie one of my best friends & I am so overwhelmingly proud of her for speaking out so honestly & openly in the hope of spreading awareness & helping others. It’s a brilliant insight into what it’s like living with an eating disorder, both for the person suffering from it, and those around them. A must-read!!!

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