I first began writing rhymes and poems just after my eldest daughter was born as a way to process the rollercoaster of emotions I experienced as a new mum. It was quite some time before I had the courage to share these rhymes with my friends and family but when I did I was overwhelmed by the praise and encouragement I received. People began to ask if I could write personalised or bespoke rhymes for their loved ones and so began Rhymes To Remember.

I have since published three children’s books and my early rhymes about motherhood have been collated into a book called No Dummy For Mummy: From Poppy Seed To Parrot.

I now have a real passion for writing and I firmly believe that my work can make a difference. I’m not talking of solving world peace or global warming. But I hope to make a difference to the lives of individuals. I want to help people feel loved, supported, encouraged, valued or understood. I put into words what others struggle to say to make sure that a new mum hears she’s doing great, a teacher or colleague knows that they’re appreciated and a family member or friend is told how special they are. Never underestimate the power of words!

I am always open to new ideas and suggestions so please feel free to contact me to discuss anything.